5 Family Adventures in the Conwy Valley

Over the last few years, North Wales’ reputation as a hub for adventure attractions has skyrocketed. It has gained the region international acclaim and turned the eyes of the world on our once quiet and unassuming corner of God’s own country. Now North Wales is a contender for the title ‘adventure capital of the world’ – and for very good reason.


Experience Adventure in the Conwy Valley by railway

Some of these attractions have taken on the moniker of the biggest, highest and longest of their type in Europe, and most make the most of the stunning scenery within which they’re built.

The big question is, which will you choose for your family adventure in the Year of Legends?

  1. Zip World Titan – Blaenau Ffestiniog

Ziplining is unique and extreme, but still suitable for everyone in your brood. In a nutshell, ziplining is a metal rope or wire horizontally stretched between two points, positioned at an angle in order to help generate momentum. Riders are attached to the wire by a harness and are then propelled from start to finish by only the power of gravity!

Located in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Zip World Titan is Europe’s largest zip zone at the heart of the Snowdonia National Park, with almost five miles of lines. It’ll certainly blow the cobwebs away, zooming above Welsh mountains and lakes at speeds of up to 70mph.

Zip World Titan is the only zipline in Europe that can accommodate four riders on all three lines at the same time so the whole family can ride together!

  1. Go Below – Cwm Penmachno

Go Below is excellent fun, and can take up a whole day if you’re game for a big adventure! An exhilarating climb up into the Welsh mines starts off your expedition, before walking into the dark abyss of a Welsh mine shaft.


Go Below Adventures in the Conwy Valley

There are plenty of obstacles to get your blood-pumping, from rowing, traversing, abseiling, ziplining and river walking. The adventure is certainly a challenge, but you’re supported by expert staff who’ll encourage you to push yourself, but only as far as is safe.

Deep underground, the environment is fascinating,. The course leaders have found a way to make the history of the miners relevant and accessible with a rich, sensory experience. Among other things, you’ll watch a film projected onto the cave wall about the life of the miners and invited to switch off your headlamp to experience true and total darkness.

  1. Zip World Fforest Coaster – Betws-Y-Coed

Just after Easter, Zip World is launching the UK’s first ever alpine rollercoaster – wow!

This exhilarating experience allows zoom through over one kilometre of lush Welsh woodland. Make sure you soak up Snowdonia’s breathtaking mountain views!

With ten, hair-raising bends, the Fforest Coaster reaches speeds of up to 25 mph and is suitable for all ages! Don’t fret, riders are able to control their speed with a sophisticated braking and control system that ensures that the sledges are kept a safe distance apart, as well as enforcing a maximum speed.

You’ll certainly get ‘in touch’ with nature; you’ll be just over a metre away from the trees!

Starting their journey in the heart of the woodland, visitors are strapped into their sledge with the simple controls meaning that all visitors from the age of nine can take control of how fast they go. Braking and control systems ensure that sledges are kept a safe distance apart and also enforce a maximum speed.


  1. Llechwedd Slate Caverns – Blaenau Ffestiniog

Fancy exploring Snowdonia’s formidable slate mountains in a 4×4 military truck? This thrilling guided adventure lasts ninety minutes, and will take you to the peak of man-made summits, and it’s all off road! Zoom into massive craters that were made by blasting the tops off one hundred-year-old slate caverns.


Want a more immersive adventure? Learn what it was really like to live and work in this strange subterranean world by going underground and taking Llechwedd’s Deep Mine Tour. Utilising impressive enhanced reality technology, the tour tells the story of the people who risked their lives to ‘roof the world’ by mining slate.

Travel five hundred feet underground to take a step back in time…


  1. Surf Snowdonia – Dolgarrog

In 2016, Lonely Planet referred to Surf Snowdonia’s Wavegarden as ‘one of the world’s hottest new experiences’ and they were right! Surf Snowdonia is an artificial, inland lagoon that produces massive waves that break and ripple over one hundred metres to the pool’s edge.

Given that is it the only one of its kind in the world, the wave pool is the real draw of this site but the fun doesn’t stop there! The whole family can enjoy kayaking, stand-up paddleboard tours, soft play and the Crash & Splash Lagoon!

Ever seen Total Wipeout? Well now, you can be the star! An amazing watery obstacle course, Crash & Splash will get the family competing in a fun and safe experience. Are you the brave one in your family? Become a human harpoon as you’re shot onto from a catapult called The Blob!


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