North Llanrwst Station Adopters create a new floral display.

The North Llanrwst Station Adopters have spent months sourcing a boat and a few months ago they found one!

They set about preparing the boat, one of the members partners did a sterling job in renovating our little boat and sign writing ‘Llanrwst North Station Adopters’

The group spent an enjoyable morning filling the boat with plants.

Melanie Lawton, Community Rail Officer said “Community members and rail users have already commented on how wonderful the station is looking, The Optimist Station Adopters are an active group of volunteers who dedicate their time to the floral displays and gardens on the station.  Its great to see Llanrwst North in full bloom”


Arriva Trains Station Adoption Scheme

The ‘Adopt a Station’ scheme aims to help improve the links with local communities and customers living near unstaffed railway stations.

The scheme has similar objectives to the ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ scheme where local people help us by keeping an eye on their unstaffed railway station.

We want to keep our unstaffed stations clean and pleasant, so this scheme is designed to encourage regular feedback about the facilities available.  This will help us ensure they meet the high standards expected by you, our customers.

So what do station adopters do?  As an adopter, the basic requirement is to submit at least two reports a month about the condition of the station.  We will ask you to report on matters such as litter, graffiti, vandalism, lighting, information help points and timetable information.  If there are any issues that might need addressing, the Station Manager will ensure our maintenance operatives are aware so that they can be addressed.

At some stations, it may be possible to care for floral displays or the station garden.  We have many great examples where volunteers maintain their gardens to a very high standard with many being recognised by winning national awards.

There is no financial commitment to you as an adopter and there is no requirement for you to undertake any cleaning or maintenance issues as these are done on a weekly basis by our own staff.  You can adopt a station as an individual or as part of a group.

In return for your support, adopters receive an annual travel vouchers that can be used on any part of the UK rail network.

You will also be invited to one of five annual regional conferences that are held in the Spring in Swansea, Cardiff, Shrewsbury, Portmeirion and Chester; where you can meet other adopters and find out the latest news from within the business.

To find out which stations are available for adoption, please visit Stations available for Adoption.   If you can’t see your local station, it will have been adopted- see Adopted Stations.

To find out more about how to adopt a station, please contact our Customer Relations team on 03333 211 202 or email


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